"With the workshops, I recovered my self-esteem... I believe in me again."
I was referred to Dress for Success and I didn’t want to go. I had already been humbled significantly by my life’s circumstances and I had no desire to walk into a place where I would have to accept another form of help. I’m the helper/fixer/mother in my world. But there I was… I needed the help and I couldn’t pretend anymore that I didn’t. I walked in feeling scared, humbled, ashamed, alone, and diminished by experience (but, determined to maintain my dignity, I faked as much poise as I could muster), and met Tracy in person She was fabulously kind. She introduced me to Jocelyn and we dove right in to my fitting. ​

I was surprised by how nice everything was– that the fitting was so lovingly executed. The entire experience was like receiving the warmest hug with a pat on the back and “Go get ’em! You’ve got this!”. 

When the fitting was over, I wanted to stay and just work with these ladies. I really needed them. I left with the intention that I would make these women proud – I will be successful with this gift. I took that mindset and interviewed with two different companies and was told by each interviewer that I was the best interview they have ever had. I now have a job and am the top candidate (out of 34 qualified applicants) for another position. 

I have never felt so confident and I thank Dress for Success Northwest Arkansas for helping me to get started again.
I am originally from Romania and I am the single parent of a beautiful 7 years old daughter. I moved to USA in 2008, with the opportunity to finish a BA and a MA in Spanish, after a previous degree in my home country. While trying to get established in my career, at a time and place where I did not have many connections and I was far away from my family, I came across this great organization-Dress for Success- who was there for me when needed, encouraged and supported me through suit fitting, resume reviews, mocking job interviews, amazing workshops and networking events. With their help I was able to secure a job as a HR Senior Recruiting Coordinator at Walmart and to achieve my economic independence. I feel blessed and grateful for all the support I’ve received.